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Turbotorch Extreme X-4b Torch Kit

Turbotorch Extreme X-4b Torch Kit

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Overview for TurboTorch 0386-0336 With over 30 years of history TurboTorch has experience in the professional market that far outweighs any other manufacturer. TurboTorch has been a leading supplier to the HVAC and plumbing industry and will remain one for years to come. It isn t just a torch it s a legacy. TurboTorch a brand of Victor Equipment Company markets the most comprehensive line of air-fuel products and accessories of any manufacturer. TurboTorch Swirl-Tip and Sof-Flame torches and tips are the tools of choice for plumbing heating and AC trade professionals worldwide. TurboTorch outfits and accessories are supplied in a wide variety of pre-packaged outfits and as individual components. The TurboTorch Pro-Line series torches give operators the added convenience of a self-lighting torch feature. Turbo s extensive line of premium quality products includes tools for Acetylene LP Gas MAPP and oxy-acetylene applications. Recent additions to the line include highly portable 120V input plasma arc cutting packages ideal for sheet metal and ductwork applications. Cylinders totes hand torch kits and brazing and soldering alloys complement TurboTorch s equipment offering.

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