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Oakley Evzero Blades Matte Black Prizm Violet Sunglasses

Oakley Evzero Blades Matte Black Prizm Violet Sunglasses

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These ultra-cool sunglasses blend street-style with sport-performance. Be at the top of your game with help from the EVZero Blades Sunglasses. These shield-style glasses are ideal for a variety of sports including cycling and running.In a rimless design, the EVZero Blades feature a toric shield of Plutonite for excellent uninterrupted vision and a contemporary look. With no bulky frame, these sunglasses are ultra-lightweight, highly durable and provide all-day comfort. Unobtainium nose pads and temples help to keep the glasses securely in place, even when youre perspiring. The EVZero Blades are the ultimate choice for sports enthusiasts looking for reliable, streamlined eyewear. The Prizm lenses enhance colour and contrast, allowing you to see everything in perfect detail. The lenses are also impact-protected, designed to endure a variety of demanding conditions.

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