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Slk Evo Power 2.0 Pickleball Paddle, Xl / Blue

Slk Evo Power 2.0 Pickleball Paddle, Xl / Blue

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Selkirk SLK EVO Power 20 XL Middleweight Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Empowering the Future of Pickleball! Introducing the Evo Power 20 XL from SLK by Selkirk, the ultimate paddle for tennis enthusiasts and newcomers seeking a powerful, spin-friendly, and consistent performance within a pickleball paddle Crafted with the mission of championing the next generation of pickleball players, including those with a tennis background, the Evo Power paddle delivers exceptional performance through innovation, design, and unmatched value Paddle Benefits The Evo Power 20 XL paddle by SLK by Selkirk provides a tennis enthusiast with a power paddle for generations Packed with a 13 mm core the EVO Power 20 XL will have achieve consistency with every shot, enormous amounts of power, and a powerful amount of spin due to New SpinFlex Spin Surface The EVO Power 20 XL face will be lined with G-8 Flex Carbon Fiber engineered for optimal control and a super-soft feel allowing you to command any court you step foot on Paired with SLK s new innovative SpinFlex spin surface, designed for increased spin consistency and ball control0 XL Max will feature an elongated paddle shape, at 164 in length and 74 in width, making it a great paddle for tennis players and players wanting to add reach to their game! Along with an elongated shape, this paddle will feature a standard 4 1/4 SLK Ultra Comfort Grip for confidence in your hands and comfortability for all players The Evo Power 20 XL will feature an elongated handle length giving comfort to a wide range of players! This paddle weight ranges from 78 - 8.

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