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Akebono Eur781 Euro Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set

Akebono Eur781 Euro Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set

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One of the most innovative changes to brakes in the recent years has been the use of ceramic brake pads opposed to the typical metal compound used for years. With decades in the motorsports arena, ceramic pads have shown drastic advantages over original designs. Bring that technology to your vehicle with pads from the company who originally brought it to the aftermarket: . Because of manufacturer approved formulation, the compound used in s ceramic brake pads are unmatched. The benefits of ceramic brake components are vastly superior to the traditional metal compound pad. Because ceramic does not absorb heat as rapidly, heavy braking in hot conditions will keep your brakes from fading. With a much higher co-efficient of friction, stopping distances are reduced as stopping power is increased. Also, because of their lower metal content, brake dust is all but eliminated. All of this comes with the added benefit of drastically increased brake rotor life. Euro brake pads have been seen used in over 90 models of vehicles as original equipment, so quality is guaranteed.

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