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Modern Ergonomic Sterling Leather Executive Chair With Aluminum Base- Dark Grey

Modern Ergonomic Sterling Leather Executive Chair With Aluminum Base- Dark Grey

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The Sterling Leather Executive Chair has that sculpted look that gives off a modern, opulent vibe. Protect your back from aching while working long hours with the curved lumbar and head support with padding. The seat, back, and gently curving armrests feature a seamed lattice pattern on luxurious genuine leather upholstery, while the back of the chair is finished in a high-quality leatherette match. The base consists of a polished aluminum five-pointed frame with smooth-rolling caster wheels for easy mobility around the office. The seat is adjustable in a variety of ways including a standard gas lift height adjustment lever. The reclining function transitions from fully upright at 90 degrees and tilting all the way back to 120 degrees. You can also lock the reclining position so that it will only go back to a certain point and you dont have to worry about reclining farther back than is desired. There is also a tension knob that adjusts the resistance when reclining that you can make looser or tighter depending on how easily you want to be able to engage the tilting. The synchro mechanism reclines both the seat and backrest but at a 1:2 ratio that minimizes the recline of the seat in comparison to the backrest. This prevents the rocking chair effect and helps keep your feet on the ground while still increasing blood circulation and better spinal alignment. Be a little extravagant when you treat yourself and your office to the contemporary beauty and comfort which is the Sterling Leather Executive Chair. Suggested weight capacity 395 pounds.

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