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Orion Electronic Sos Beacon / Locator Kit

Orion Electronic Sos Beacon / Locator Kit

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Stay safer on the high seas with the Orion SOS Beacon Kit. This Coast Guard-approved electronic distress light complies with USCG requirement 46 CFR 161.013 for nighttime signaling and the included distress flag complies with USCG requirement 33 CFR 175.130 for daytime signaling. The 20 hours of signaling exceeds USCG requirements. Visible for 20 miles based on line of sight. SOLAS-grade reflective tape at waterline. Waterproof, intuitive on/off switch. Low-battery indicator eliminates surprises in an emergency. High impact, high-visibility orange ABS plastic construction. Encapsulated microprocessor electronics. Multiple deployment options including flotation, hand-held plastic grip, hang by provided lanyards from mast, rod holder or PFD. Reusable storage container for boat. Runs on two D batteries (not included).

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