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Levelline Drywall Corner Trim 100 Roll At Mechanicsurplus.Com

Levelline Drywall Corner Trim 100 Roll At Mechanicsurplus.Com

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Finish drywall inside/outside corners, off angles, tray ceilings and bay windows Flexible, memory free hinge adjusts to any corner angle Pre-Finished corner bead paper surface, ready for paint or texture Outperforms conventional drywall flat flex tapes at every angle 2.75wide x 100 long - dispenser box makes it easy to manage LEVELLINEs Tapered Profile Design eliminates installation headaches and callbacks. Installing off-angles, inside and outside corners is faster and easier with LEVELLINEs tapered flex design and new applicator box. Goes straight from the box or roll onto the wall, and requires less mud to apply and finish. LEVELLINEs superior corner construction (tapered plastic core, joint tape and formulated surface paper) ensures corners will not split or dent. LEVELLINE can also withstand structural settling from green lumber and seismic movement without cracking or popping off the drywall. Applies directly from the roll straight onto the wall with the dispenser box.

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