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Chauvet Dj - Intimidator Spot 110 Led Moving Head

Chauvet Dj - Intimidator Spot 110 Led Moving Head

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Not to be underestimated. It may be small, but the DJ Intimidator Spot 110 LED Moving Head is a mighty light fixture. With seven colours plus white and seven gobos, you re able to create vibrant and dynamic lighting. And featuring separate colour and gobo wheels, you can go all out on the creative programming. There are so many possibilities! Intelligent design. Complete with easy-to-use sound-activated programs, the Intimidator Spot 110 provides a dynamic light show that will dance with music. Get your audience up and moving! The Intimidator Spot 110 will bring that extra splash of energy to your performance and venue. It even has its own automated programs that you can access for a quick set-up.

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