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Boss Ce-5 Chorus Ensemble Pedal

Boss Ce-5 Chorus Ensemble Pedal

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This is a Boss CE-5 chorus pedal, designed in the heritage of the CE s 1-3. This is from 1992, the first year of production. The original CE-5 s were analog and used the same effect IC s as the CE-3. The analog version can be trickedinto sounding like an interesting Vibrato pedal - the switch cuts out the feedback circuit, which is essentially what is the difference between a chorus and vibe effect. You can dial in some sweet vibe tones, as well as some extreme sounds. Very cool. I use a low-profile switch to go between the two sounds. It is immune to accidental break-offs! It s like getting two completely unique pedals in one. Vibe effect works when using the Aoutput jack.

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