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Bulletsafe Bulletproof Vest Vp3

Bulletsafe Bulletproof Vest Vp3

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BulletSafes new Vital Protection 3 VP3 Vest is Made in the USA and NIJ-Certified Level IIIA! The VP3 Vest retains BulletSafes legendary low price-point while providing first-class protection from most handgun calibers up to .44 Magnum. The unisex design is discreet and comfortable. The VP3 is ideal for law enforcement, security and other professionals who need peace-of-mind security for their daily work. This American-made vest is lightweight and fits snugly to its wearer via the provided height-and-weight chart. It has wrap-around, front and rear ballistic panels to maximize protection over the heart, lungs and other vital organs, and it can carry larger 10 in x12 in ballistic plates plates in its Velcro pockets to provide Level III and IV protection against rifle calibers.

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