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Conant Brass Standard Comfortmeter

Conant Brass Standard Comfortmeter

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This Brass Comfort meter is designed to monitor both temperature and humidity, while featuring the important relationship between the two. The thermometer displays temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius on the left scale of the Comfort meter, and the hygrometer shows % of relative humidity on the right. The graphic design of the Comfort meter shows the optimal range of temperature in yellow and humidity in blue. The ideal target comfort zone is represented by the green intersection of these 2 ranges. The Comfort meter uses Japanese movements and an easy-to-read 4 in. Dia dial mounted on a solid brass stand for stability making it great for monitoring heating or cooling zones in greenhouses, sunrooms or problem areas. The Comfort meter may be used in combination with a humidifier or de-humidifier to maximize its benefits and your comfort. This unique weather instrument combines practical simplicity with timeless design. The solid brass housing of the Comfort meter will never corrode, and the highest standards of craftsmanship have been employed to assure that this instrument will provide a lifetime of trouble-free service.

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