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Klipsch Aw-500-Sm White Outdoor Speaker

Klipsch Aw-500-Sm White Outdoor Speaker

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The AW-500-SM employs a 5-inch IMG woofer and dual 1-inch titanium dome tweeters so that it can play both left and right stereo signals with total precision and clarity. Perfect for small outdoor areas that cannot accommodate multiple speakers, the AW-500-SM can also bring smooth and even coverage to larger areas when combined with several other identical models. Other professional-grade features on the AW-500-SM include a switch that lets listeners easily select between mono and stereo configurations, durable UV-resistant enclosure, heavy gauge zinc C-bracket for added mounting strength and 3/8-16 threaded inserts that fit popular third party mounts, making installation quick and simple. Because it nicely blends in with its surroundings and offers installation flexibility, this amazing performer is sure to be a homeowner favorite.

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