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Acacia Aurora 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed Frame With Headboard King Size Caramel

Acacia Aurora 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed Frame With Headboard King Size Caramel

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Acacia Acacia bed frames are designed to enhance their unique natural wood grain pattern and texture beauty while offering the best quality in class. The natural characteristics of the wood are highlighted and enhanced by the skilled artisans who build the bed frames. These beds easily fit into your unique décor style and personal preferences, harmonizing with their surroundings and complementing existing pieces. Craftsmanship is a key aspect of our solid wood bed frame, with attention to detail and precision in construction to create a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. Never style over substance, Acacia Platform Beds are made of heavy-duty, solid FSC-certified Acacia wood construction, hence one of the sturdiest, highest quality bed frames on the market. With their unique designs and ergonomic sizes, the bed frames enclose the mattress and fit it in easily to prevent slipping, while at the same time also providing ample under-bed space for easy cleaning and extra storage. The wooden slats are carefully spaced and positioned with padded tapes for more stability, while the mainframes create a natural border to keep the mattress firmly in place and from falling off accidentally. Certified safe lacquer for a long-lasting attractive finish. Our beds are specially designed to meet all bed needs whether its the mattress or box spring foundation, bed frame, or platform bed. Suitable for all types of mattresses including spring, memory foam, hybrid, foam, and latex. All parts are engineered to minimize any hardship while assembling, for your effortlessly quick installation.

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