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Bowers & Wilkins Asw608 Subwoofer White

Bowers & Wilkins Asw608 Subwoofer White

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Make a big noise with this 600 Series active subwoofer. It has a 200mm long-throw driver for a quality low-frequency output, and the unique construction withstands the significant voice coil forces. This 600 Series active subwoofer is a compact 10.2 x 10.2 for versatile placement. 8′′ active subwoofer Delivers authoritative bass for high-impact home theater audio. Integrated amplifier Supplies 200W RMS power for high volume levels and minimal distortion. Volume control Lets you match the subwoofers output to the rest of your sound system. Phase and frequency controls Enable customizable setup. Auto on/off Reduces power consumption. Inputs Include RCA audio line-in and speakers input to provide flexible connectivity options. Sealed enclosure Ensures accurate tones for heart-racing performance. 23-140Hz frequency response Delivers booming lows for an immersive soundscape.

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