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Rockler All-Terrain Mobile Base

Rockler All-Terrain Mobile Base

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800 lb capacity Large 5 inch urethane wheels Brakes included on all four wheels With a rugged 800-pound load capacity, kick-action wheel locks, and an expandable steel frame, this heavy-duty base will transform almost any stationary tool into the ultimate portable workstation. The base itself adjusts from 18 x 18 to 28 x 28 . Raises the tool approximately 1 from the floor. Two front casters swivel freely for responsive steering capability. Corner platform elements are reinforced with industrial-strength welds for maximum holding power. Assembly is simple; includes all necessary hardware. Optional Mobile Base Extensions: For a larger frame, two extension sets are also available; Extension Set A (28774) and Extension Set B (28834) Extension Set A (28774) includes a pair of longer stretchers that replace two of the four existing stretchers and extend the base-length to anywhere from 26 to 36 . Extension Set B (28834) includes four stretchers, which combine with the included base stretchers to increase the overall base length to anywhere from 36 to 50 . For even more range, use two extension sets! Two Set A s will extend the frame up to 36 x 36 . Two Set B s will reach up to 50 x 50 .

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