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Wheel Accessories Parts Kit-Spike-M14 1.5 5lg

Wheel Accessories Parts Kit-Spike-M14 1.5 5lg

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Wheel Upgrade. This lug nut kit enhances your trucks overall appearance with its spiked lug nuts and stunning black finish. Plus, the lug nuts feature a 14 mm x 1.50-inch lug thread to improve your wheels thread engagement for a superior off-road driving performance. Intimidating Profile. The spiked design makes your truck achieve a more intimidating profile. Your on-road rivals will definitely cower with fear when they see your truck sporting these spiky lug nuts. Crafted from Durable Steel Material. To keep up with your RAMs tough off-road conditions, this Black Spike Lug Nut Kit is only crafted from durable steel material. This gives the lug nuts exceptional strength to withstand impacts and harsh weather elements. The lug nuts are guaranteed not to crack or break, especially when provided with regular care.

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