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Powermaster 9509 Xs Torque Starter

Powermaster 9509 Xs Torque Starter

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Making some major engine upgrades to your vehicle to extract tons more horsepower and torque You will certainly need to upgrade your stock or worn out starter for easier starting with a new Powermaster XS-Torque Starter which is the lightest 200 ft.-lb. starter on the market. The Powermaster XS-Torque series of performance starters is recommended for highly modified big cubic inch racing engines and can easily clear most protruding oil pans and headers. Powermaster knows that all engines are not equal so they offer six different series of starters so you can install the one that best matches your engine s requirements. Powermaster is best known as a specialist performance manufacturer, providing high performance alternators and starters primarily for American cars, trucks and SUVs.

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