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Actionheat 7v Rugged Leather Heated Work Gloves, Yellow, Xl

Actionheat 7v Rugged Leather Heated Work Gloves, Yellow, Xl

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Working outdoors in cold weather conditions is tough, especially when your hands start to freeze. Keep your hands warm so you can stay out longer in chilly winter using this 7V Rugged Heated Leather Gloves. Constructed out of tough leather and nylon outer shell, these battery-operated heated gloves are durable enough to handle tough jobs at demanding worksites. The men s work gloves are powered by 7V rechargeable batteries and work to heat every inch of your fingers along with your palms and the back of your hands. Extremely comfortable and warm, these durable and soft-lined leather work gloves for men and women are made from premium leather and nylon outer shell. Each glove has extra leather palm protection for durability and pre-curved fingers for added dexterity and comfort. These working leather gloves are available in L, M, XL, and XXL size options.

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