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Sunex 7793b 1000 Lb Telescopic Transmission Jack

Sunex 7793b 1000 Lb Telescopic Transmission Jack

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Sunex 1/2 Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack, 7793B, Universal Saddle, Foot Activated Used for removal, installation, and transportation of transmissions and transfer cases on vehicles that are supported by lifts. Foot activated pump pedal for hands free raising of the rams. Lowered telescopic rams enable the transmission to be transferred from the jack to the work table and extended to reach a maximum height of 74 inches. Foot activated release pedal provides slow controlled lowering of load. While the universal saddle with four ratcheting arms quickly adjusts to the transmission pan configuration. Nylon strap tie down secures the load to the saddle. And the overload valve prevents jack from being used beyond its rated capacity. Wide base legs with swivel caster and polyurethane tread wheels provide stability and easy maneuverability even under load. Two caster wheels have a locking feature to prevent jack from moving. The foot pedal release lowers the load at the normal rate of speed and an additional release now provides very slow controlled lowering of the load.

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