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Lego 60258 City Tuning Workshop

Lego 60258 City Tuning Workshop

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Maintain a fleet of cars and bikes with this City Tuning Workshop play set. Cool vehicles, including a tow truck, hot rod and jet-powered motorcycle, appeal to car lovers, and seven minifigures offer plenty of roleplaying possibilities. This City Tuning Workshop play set features a working engine hoist to lift up cars for more realistic play. Tuning Workshop building set Build a mechanic garage and tow truck for repairing and upgrading beautiful and fast clients vehicles – the jet motorcycle and red hot rod. 897 pieces This set provides a wide range of building options and possibilities for role-playing. Garage experience for kid Tow a car to the workshop, pull out the engine with the hoist, use the jack to change the tires. Small dealership The enterprising salesperson will be happy to sell a cute car at a bargain price. Digital Instructions PLUS available in free Life app Your kids can enjoy a new building experience, learning to build their model with the interactive viewing tools. Suitable for children ages 6 and up Perfect gift for a kid with the interest in toy vehicles.

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