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Oz 5k Ozone Bag And Radial Iq Combo

Oz 5k Ozone Bag And Radial Iq Combo

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Go beyond just containing gear and actively freshen it anywhere you go with the OZ Chamber 5K by . This handy combo includes the OZChamber 5K Bag, plus the RadialIQ ozone generator. The intelligently designed RadialIQ emits just the right amount of ozone to fill the bag and destroy odors throughout. The result? A storage bag that provides fresher, neutralized gear that s ready to hunt wherever you take it. How ozone generators work OZ Active Odor Destroyers emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules that eliminate virtually all odors and bacteria in your gym bag, bathroom, while camping—or anywhere you want to kick that offensive smell. Ozone molecules change the chemical structure of odors through a process called oxidation. It then reverts back to oxygen, which no longer emits a strong smell. Radial IQ ozone generator with simplified 1-button design 30-minute run time actively refreshes your gear Extremely durable OZChamber 5K Bag with 600D PVC-backed polyester construction Reinforced 2 inch grab handles for hauling heavy loads Removable, adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable, convenient carry Bag includes dedicated pocket to suspend Radial IQ for easy ozone emission Includes 12V DC power supply and vehicle power adapterNote: Ozone products are only intended for use in unoccupied spaces Order today!

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