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Lego 41722 Horse Show Trailer

Lego 41722 Horse Show Trailer

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Take kids creative play to horizons new with a gift of the Friends Horse Show Trailer (41722). Looking for a new toy or birthday gift for a kid who loves animal play or cool vehicles? Then this is the toy for them – youngsters aged 8+ will love to build and play with this extensive horse trailer and SUV set. Toys to feed imaginations The friends are on the road travelling to riding shows. Their cool trailer contains all they need for their trip. Theres a compartment for the 2 toy horses and a room with all the horse-riding kit, such as toy reins and helmets. Theres even a sleeping area where Emma and her friends get cozy at night. The smart SUV tow car is drivable and seats the 3 characters as well as Savannahs guide dog. Fun builds guaranteed As well as clear picture instructions, this horse trailer toy comes with a digital building guide. Available free on the Building Instructions app, it lets kids zoom, rotate and visualize their completed model in 3D.

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