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Kinchoix 35ft 1/2 Csst Gas Line Flexible Gas Line 1/2 Pipe With 2 Male Fittings Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing For Natural Gas Propane

Kinchoix 35ft 1/2 Csst Gas Line Flexible Gas Line 1/2 Pipe With 2 Male Fittings Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing For Natural Gas Propane

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The inside of CSST gas line 1/2 is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel bellows, and the outside is surrounded by a rubber tube to prevent gas leakage. Each gas tube has undergone three-layer pressure testing, which is durable, reliable in quality and can extend its service life. There are solid brass connector interfaces at both ends, which have very good weather resistance. Length is 33ft, 1/2flex gas line, the inner diameter of the pipe is 12mm/0.48, and the outer diameter is 16mm/ 0.63. Connect natural gas or LPG supply to larger BTU output outdoor equipment. Can be used for grills, patio heaters, generators, pizza ovens, etc. Gas tubing pipe kit is easy to install, gas line can be cut and bent at will, while the inner warp flow remains unchanged, and it can be bent and passed freely in a narrow space. There is no interface in the middle of the pipe body, reducing the connection point to prevent gas leakage and increasing safety. Flexible gas line 1/2 inch kit can meet the individual needs of users, adopting multiple installation methods such as buried wall, concealed, and exposed installation. Suitable for pre-buried gas pipes. It can be decorated first and then lay pipe, which is convenient for users to choose the time of laying pipe. Propane gas line hose for stove grill works perfectly, easy to install, durable and very fast. For use with natural gas, liquid propane applications, propane fire pit, natural gas fire pit, gas range, water heater. Please pay attention to the pipe size when calculating the pressure loss. Please ensure correct installation before use to prevent air leakage. The inside of the flexible gas line is stainless steel SUS304 corrosion-resistant material, the surface layer is 0.079in UV-resistant yellow polyethylene jacket. br Connected with solid brass connector, It hasdv very good weather resistance, anti-cracking, anti-rust and very durable. br Comes with a 1/2male brass fittings on both end, standard male pipe threads for easy connections. br Used for connecting high BTU output outdoor cooking appliances, construction heaters, with no need to cut or thread. Pipe is 80% lighter than steel pipe. Over 65% faster to install than black pipe. br The flexible nature CSST is much safer than black pipe in an earthquake. br 4 sizes to choose from, there is always a length that suits you, the grill can be used at a safe distance.

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