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Rough Country 3.5 In. Lift Kit - 95920

Rough Country 3.5 In. Lift Kit - 95920

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3.5basic lift kits give your truck, Jeep, or SUV better off-road performance and the ability to equip larger wheels and tires than original equipment. Available for a wide variety of trucks, each lift kit contains all the components and hardware you need to lift your vehicle. Depending on your truck s factory suspension, the kit can contain anything from simple strut tower spacers and lift blocks to torsion keys, additional leaf springs, drop spindles and more. With a suspension lift installed, youll have an easier time negotiating tough off-road terrain. Some kits can be installed at home, but professional installation and a post-lift alignment are strongly recommended. Upgrade your truck s off-road capability with a 3.5basic lift kit.

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