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Dogtra - 2700t&B Training & Beeper Collar

Dogtra - 2700t&B Training & Beeper Collar

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Electronic Training Collars by . Details:The 2700T&B e-collar is specifically designed for upland hunting, giving you the control and locate-ability on long range Bird dogs with its 1-mile range. The 2700T&B gives you the ability to track your dog with three beeper modes: point-only, run/point, and locate. Equipped with the new accelerometer sensor, the 2700T&B gives you the enhanced ability to accurately track, detect, and monitor your dog. The 2700T&B comes with 127 footwear nick/Constant stimulation levels for accurate control, the new hpp (high performance pager) vibration system, and enhanced contact points. The 2700T&B also offers a unique single-body, downward Facing beeper horn that is built into the receiver to eliminate the bulkiness and risk of catching on obstacles, like fences, when in the field.

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