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Ascend 15 Dlx Forest Green Canoe

Ascend 15 Dlx Forest Green Canoe

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Value meets performance in our 15 DLX Forest Green Canoe. Our 15 DLX boasts aluminum gunwales with a protective sleeve, along with RAM-X hull material for lightweight durability you can count on with every trip in to the Great Outdoors. A pair of folding seats provide comfortable seating during paddling or relaxing, and the central built-in cooler seat holds all your food, refreshment, or live bait, giving you unlimited possibilities for customizing your day on the water. Great for anglers or recreational canoeists, this canoe adds 2 vertical rod holders, drink holders, and convenient carry handles for easier transport and portage. 14 L x 38W x 11H. Weight: 90 lbs. Max Wt. Cap.: 800 lbs. RAM-X hull material Aluminum gunwales with protective sleeve 2 folding seats Central built-in cooler seat Drink holders 2 vertical rod holders Carrying handles View the 15 DLX Forest Green Canoe Manual

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