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Celestron 15-35x70 Skymaster Zoom Binocular

Celestron 15-35x70 Skymaster Zoom Binocular

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SkyMaster 15-35 X 70 Zoom Binoculars s SkyMaster 70mm Zoom Binoculars are an excellent choice for viewers looking for the most precise magnification. These binoculars feature 15X magnification and are able to zoom up to 35 times as far as the human eye can see! The SkyMaster 15-35X70 Zoom Binoculars have large 70mm (3.75) diameter lenses, gathering tons of light for a superior, high-resolution viewing experience. The large optics are also multi-coated to increase sharpness and contrast, and the BAK-4 prisms produce a higher rate of light transmission to assist observations in low light levels as well. The eyepieces of the SkyMaster Zooms offer long eye relief, especially at the lower magnification levels (20.3mm @ 15X), so that those who wear glasses can keep them on while viewing. Diopter adjustments on each eyepiece also allow folks to make focus adjustments for each eye so that they can get the sharpest, clearest view possible. Speaking of the sharpest views, the 15-35 X 70 SkyMaster Zoom comes with a special adapter that allows you to connect them to a standard camera or video tripod head. Because these binoculars have such a high magnification range it is helpful to mount them on a tripod for extended observing sessions. Doing so will keep hand-shake and vibrations from blurring the image and it also allows for hand s free viewing that will protect against arm fatigue. These binoculars also come with a case, strap, protective caps and a cleaning cloth.

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