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Grs 12pt-8 12 Paper Cone Professional Woofer With 3 Voice Coil 8 Ohm

Grs 12pt-8 12 Paper Cone Professional Woofer With 3 Voice Coil 8 Ohm

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Engineered for high output with smooth frequency response, the 12PT-8 12 professional woofer is ideal for use in large low-cost sound systems. Packed with features you would expect from much more expensive drivers, the 12PT-8 is built for low distortion and reliability even when pushed to its limit. The lightweight reinforced paper cone has excellent damping properties, minimizing unwanted resonances, and the ribbed surface controls cone breakup to ensure smooth response all the way up to 2,000 Hz. Driving the cone is a 3 diameter dual-layer voice coil that is wound on a heat resistant polyimide former to handle up to 350 watt RMS. Extensive venting through frame, pole piece, and magnetic gap cools the voice coil to prevent thermal runaway and lower power compression during long sessions at high power. With a copper cap on the pole piece keeping inductance under control, you can ensure that the 12PT-8 will provide low distortion throughout its useable bandwidth. Whether you need a drop-in replacement for a worn out DJ speaker, or are designing high output 2 or 3-way system, the 12PT-8 is the ideal choice if you want high output and natural response without spending a fortune.

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